Is It Too Late to Lower The Price of SMS and MMS? The Question of The Week

This week the CMT has announced its intention to study the evolution of the prices of SMS and MMS messages in 2012 to undertake activities that contribute to improving existing offerings, given the disproportionate and similar cost between traditional operators.

Obviously any rebate that is always coming will be well received especially for those who do not hire a data rate and can not benefit from alternatives to instant messaging as WhatsApp but why now?

Is it too late to lower the price of SMS and MMS now that they have fallen into disuse?

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Last week: will Microsoft taking their own phones with Windows Phone?

Before the rumor that Nokia would sell its mobile division to Microsoft, the feeling that received more votes from the readers was the mol167, who believes that Microsoft does not need it:

Microsoft has always been to sell software to third companies, making them which fight to sell their devices. I don’t think that they change now, to them it is more simple to tell others what they have to incorporate into their models and sell a lot of licenses no more problems. and more now which controls almost Nokia (now that the only option for the future than parecce taken haer this last is windows phone, not like other manufacturers that make you everything)