iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak: Download Not Safe

Update: Jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1


The race for the fastest jailbreak continues. While the Chinese group PanGu reported the outbreak in version 8.1 for themselves, create IOS 8.1.1 TaiG competitors before. But beware: Despite first positive feedback a dubious image adheres to this jailbreak. TaiG is still quite unknown in the scene and the intentions of the Chinese not unique. Therefore, experts advise to wait a while but just in case, that at the end but still turns out, other objectives of the software from the far East in addition to jailbreak.

Get out jail free jailbreak


Since 2007, there is the jailbreak. The prison outbreak accompanied any iOS version and any iPhone or iPad. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and Apple is part of debates in terms of legality, data liberation and the sense of draconian limitation of users. What started out as a computer scientist hobby with complicated programs, has become a reliable way to personalize the iDevice, as Apple actually allows significantly more unusual by new software, other designs, and system settings. But how can a jailbreak IOS 8.1? And involves the installation of third-party software hazards? COMPUTER image know what to do.

Apple iOS 8 in the test: the basic innovations

50 features see new features

What a jailbreak?


The prison outbreak has many advantages: you open your system, so have access to the full functionality of iOS, with appropriate knowledge. This concerns not only the apps, but also the core of the software. Numerous options available via the console, your iPhone or iPad to the own wishes to program. Access to Cydia, a kind of second app store, however, is more popular and easier. Here you will find apps for accessing hidden iOS features to change the operator logo, to close all open apps on pranks and much more. In principle all what the community is missing and what not in the own store allows Apple. However, the jailbreak granted this necessarily take unfortunately access to pirated software, installing them with great risks associated distance. Ten great a jailbreak on iOS, what tips 8.1 all causes, are you following text line:

Ten tips for iOS 8.1 with jailbreak

HideMe8 LiteHideMe8 is the Swiss army knife for your iDevice. Numerous options allow up or rooms of apps, hide the Apple programs, the frame of the control center and much more. A good app for all, a simple and efficient system is important.

ShowCaseShowCase naughty, shows Apple what the developer in Cupertino would have to think. Once you have enabled the capitalization, show the capital letters all keys and illustrate write mode is enabled.

NoSlowAnimationsEgal how fast the new Apple A8 processor works some animations remain relatively slow. This is because that iOS elements fly up and claimed for some time. NoSlowAnimations accelerates these image sequences and thus at least visually operation.

SwipeSelectionDie text selection of iOS is a little bumpy. SwipeSelection changes: it moves the cursor to the text by wiping gesture on the keyboard and comes very easily at the point where you wanted to insert the text or delete away.

Status of HUD 2Status HUD 2 is a nice add-on for minimalists. The otherwise rather chunky volume indicator moves when setting to temporarily in the status bar and shows the current level by some small points. This not only chic looks, but also covers not the Panel perhaps watching a video running.

ZeppelinZeppelin is already longer finding at Cydia. With this small program, to change the operator logo next to the reception bar demand in a your own logo or an alternative logo. On board are some ready-made logos, more can be found after a search in Cydia.

Nested FolderNested folder can be explained quite simply. Once the program is installed, folders in folders can be created. This is perhaps somewhat finicky sounds, but ensures all right.

WatchSpringDieses program is actually useless, but fun. Recently, Apple introduced the UI of Apple Watch. Round icons, which are times larger and times smaller depending on the movement. WatchSpring brings this view on the iPhone. In the test, was not very practical, but ever gave a preview on what soon brings Apple to the market.

UntetheredHeySiriDer acclamation Hey Siri works for the iPhone only to the charging cable. The makers of UntetheredHeySiri switch the function with this small tweak even free, if the iPhone will not charge.

To stop Slide2Kill8Apps degenerate depending on the amount of open processes in work. Slide2Kill8 abbreviates this and allows closing all running applications with one wipe to bottom. A function of the category: Apple, because should you come even on it must.

Jailbreak for iOS 8.1


Since October 2014, the Chinese group PanGu is a jailbreak for the latest system iOS 8.1 ready. A corresponding program performs the jailbreak at lightning speed, and installed both an own PanGu app and Cydia on iPhone and iPad. How secure is the jailbreak from the far East, is currently unclear. Although they found so far programs of PanGu malicious code in any, but it is not advisable to run the jailbreak on devices that contain sensitive data. Because a jailbreak installed not only two new apps, but the system opens up far more than it intends to Apple. The following line of text tells you how to install PanGu naturally at your own risk!

Instructions: To install PanGu

BackupBevor are running the software and perform the jailbreak, you should necessarily create a backup. This is done either directly via iTunes or store your backup in the iCloud, there after a restore immediately to get back to your inventory. A jailbreak without backup is dangerous and can lead to the loss of data on your iPhone or iPad. Important: If you have installed your current system via software update (OTA), the jailbreak process breaks down frequently. Therefore, make sure that you have either installed the update via iTunes, or restore your system before the jailbreak on the computer.

DownloadLaden you the latest version of the PanGu Jailbreaks. You get them on the developers page. But be careful: PanGu is a relatively new on the scene and has the reputation of wanting to harm the users, nor the reputation to deliver absolutely clean software. Most recently discovered no malicious software on the devices, but you should not switch to an iDevice with sensitive data. Remove before the jailbreak passcode to search touch ID and my iPhone because otherwise may cause problems. After the installation you must remember only, again to enable the above features.

AusführenFühren you PanGu as administrator from. To do this, click the icon with the right mouse button and select run as administrator.

iPhone or iPad anschließenPanGu is currently compatible with all iOS-8-enabled devices. Connect your iDevice to the computer.

PanGu ausführenKlicken start jailbreak and follow the instructions of the software. In the course of the installation your iDevice restarts several times. PanGu reports succeeded at the end of the process with the status of jailbreak. On the home screen of your iPhone, you will find access to Cydia, as well as the PanGu app from now on.

Jailbreak for iOS 7


There is of course also a jailbreak for older versions of iOS. While you iOS 7 even with a programme of group evasi0n crack, also need a solution of PanGu for iOS 7.1. You get them on enschlägig known sites on the net. The installation procedure is the same IOS 8.


The COMPUTER image Security Center

Risks and side effects


Even if a jailbreak in fact poses no direct danger, it is recommended to address issue with a good portion of skepticism. Use no jailbreak for devices with an important content and always make a backup of your data. Unfortunately there are errors, yet time and again the the system and the service damage. So, there was an error with running processes that have temporarily fully utilization of the CPU, for example, in the last version of the iOS-8 Jailbreaks. Thus contracted the battery life to a minimum. Fix the error can be as long as known generally only by a complete restore of the system, as well as a new software of the hacker.

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Conclusion: Jailbreak for iOS 8.1


You are literally erupting from Apple’s golden cage with a jailbreak. Apple would never let the apps, which offers you to Cydia, through the controls. This brings not only useful functions that Apple has forgotten, but also creative new apps to personalize your system and to use in the best of cases more efficiently. The problem: Neither Apple nor the makers of Jailbreaks take over a guarantee that your system is running without any problems after installing a Jailbreaks. You often encounter problems that would not occur without a jailbreak. As a recovery takes a long time to complete, the prison break as in real life tends to be something for patient.