In-App Advertising Can Cost Dearly-Avoid Surprises

Advertising in apps can be an expensive acquaintance, if you don’t think you about before you thank Yes for their offerings.

An unlucky user of Android-application Weather Widget has been 150 bucks poorer, after his daughter at 10 year clicked on an ad that lured with participation in a competition for an iPad.

Daughter entered his phone number and then replied in a text that was takseret for 150 kroner-a so-called of takseret sms.

Our site has described the story of the unfortunate father who is good sour over losing 150 crowns.

Since everything can be done, because the Android platform is more open, compared to, for example, Apple’s App Store, where there is more control over the applications.

But you can even do much to avoid unpleasant surprises:

-Do not give out personal information or additional phone number
-Answers not on sms-messages, unless you’ve read the fine print
-Block premium rate messages with your telecom