Improvements in The Orange Business Mobile Internet Rates and Roaming

Orange It is the last to improve their rates of Mobile Internet to computer and he does it in the professional market expanding the capacity of its 3 G Plus rate and changing the conditions of roaming rates.

Automatically for new customers and for the present, the self-employed and companies with Flatrate 3G Plus they continue to be paid 39 euros per month but since November, will be including 10GB traffic to 3.6Mbps instead of 5 GB as so far.

If you exceed the limit, you can keep browsing free 128 Kbps or if the client prefers it, you can choose not to reduce speed but paying 4 euros for each additional 100MB to a maximum of 90 euros/month. In addition customers will continue to enjoy free WiFi (on more than 275 Hotspot KUBIWIRELESS) and 100 free SMS per month to any national destination.

After this improvement, Movistar and Vodafone are back by offering the same amount of traffic for 10 euros more per month.

On the other hand, as of November 29 Orange simplifies their data roaming rates modalities of payment per day of use:

  • To navigate from computer: 10 euros per day of use (limited to 10 euros each) 10MB in zone 1 and each 1 MB in the rest of the world).
  • For mail and browse from your mobile: 2 euros per day in zone 1 (limited to 2 euros each 2MB) and 5 euros per day in the rest the world (limited to 5 euros each 500 kb).

Zone 1 includes the European Union and the European Economic Area.