I Can Not Add Contacts in WhatsApp. What Can it Be?

For some reason WhatsApp can’t show your contacts correctly, or you may not be able to add contacts in your WhatsApp. In these situations, what can be done? What exactly is going on with one of the applications that are most dear to us, humble users of smartphones?

Note: the solutions below are all for Android devices. We did not find similar problems on iOS devices.

How WhatsApp Adds Contacts?

Understanding how WhatsApp adds contacts on your list makes it easier to understand also how is it possible that you are not able to add new contacts or having problems with old contacts. WhatsApp uses your contacts app of your smartphone to add contacts to the application. In other words, all the contacts that you have or add in your contacts app on the smartphone, and that has WhatsApp, automatically appear in the application. In theory, you simply add a number in your calendar/contacts, and it will automatically appear in your WhatsApp, it may take a little bit for it. But as we know, is not always the truth.

We are now going to the possible problems.

I Can Not Add Contacts in WhatsApp: Synchronization of the Application

If you have granted permission to an app to use your contacts, but WhatsApp is still not the detecting, or is displaying phone numbers without names, your contacts may be saved in a source which WhatsApp does not have access. When the synchronization of the contacts and WhatsApp is correct, the application will synchronize the contact as it is on your Calendar/Contacts on the mobile application: first name, last name and/or nickname, as well as the number of the cell phone, so that you add new numbers to your calendar or contacts app. The solution is relatively simple:

  • Go to settings on the home screen of your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the option Security and Privacy
  • Tap into app permissions, and then tap Contacts. Tap on/on/on
  • Restart your device and open the WhatsApp.
  • In the application, go to the settings menu, and open the tab contacts.
  • Tap on the More option and Update contacts.

Contacts Do Not Appear in the WhatsApp Because the Number is Incomplete or with Error

When you lack the area code of the contact, or one or more contact numbers, such as the ninth digit, the contact may not appear in your WhatsApp list. To correct this error, you can use applications that add the ninth digit automatically, or searching for numbers incomplete list of your contacts so that you can fix. Multiple applications may also check your calendar for duplicate contacts or with errors that can be fixed manually or automatically.

You Are Not Showing All of Your Contacts in WhatsApp

Added a contact and it did not appear in WhatsApp? Perhaps you are only looking at their most recent conversations. To show all of your contacts, you must tap to open WhatsApp and search for the Settings option, tap Contacts, and seek the option to Show all contacts. On the main screen, simply tap on the tab Contacts.

You Added the Contact in An Application that is Not Compatible with WhatsApp

Some Calendar applications and contacts are not compatible with WhatsApp, and will not sync contacts with the app. For that reason, our recommendation is to always use the default application schedule and/or contacts that came with the ROM of your device. This is guaranteed to work. But if you want to insist on the third-party application, open the application, go in the settings, synchronization, and activate and sync with your Google account and with other applications.

You Added the Contact, and He Did Not Appear in Whatsapp

It may be that the person does not have WhatsApp, is invisible to you, or have not yet logged in to the application. It may be that the application in the device of the person is of an older version, creating a conflict and that it prevents the synchronization of the contact. Just that the contact update WhatsApp to appear on your device.

Got any questions? You have some problem with the contacts of WhatsApp that has not been answered here? Leave your question in the comments, and we will do our best to answer!