Huawei Y635: New Lte-Phablet

Huawei has revised his one batter marker segment. There’s a very cheap entry-level smartphone in 4 inches with the huawei y3, the huawei y625 provides for slightly more even 5 inches. Lte offers the manufacturer but only for the new huawei y635. apart from the data turbo, the device offers too little for the price.
No hd resolution
huawei promotes the y635 especially for video fans. You should stream the high-speed lte connection especially movies. However, the manufacturer installed this not the correct display but: the resolution of 854 x 480 pixels is not even the smallest hd resolution (720 p). An incomprehensible decision, because the quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 ghz should easily handle hd videos. Also the memory of 1 gigabyte (gb) is sufficient to do this. The data store contains only 4 gigabytes. After all, he can be extended by up to 32 gb via microsd card.

Lte smartphones up to 200 euro

other facilities
huawei has also saved when the main camera: 5 mega pixel (mp) are simply not enough. Already offer many smartphones such knipse as front-facing camera. After all, the front lens of the y635 has a resolution of 2 mp. The battery contains 2,000 mah and is replaceable if necessary. In addition to lte, the y635 offers for bluetooth and wi-fi data connections. A second sim slot is not installed. As operating system android 4.4 is installed, huawei sets even its ui emui about it.

Huawei y635: price and availability

the huawei y635 in the german market come from april 2015, the price is 149 euros. That’s not really cheap. Because there is a whole range of devices with lte, which are also often better equipped in the price range between 120 and 200 euro. A range of alternatives to the y635, see the article cheap data streaker: lte smartphones up to 200 euro.