Huawei Y625: Cheap Beginners Phablet

Smart phones with large displays must not be expensive. The Huawei Y625 equipped with 5 inch screen diagonal cracks even the 100-euro mark. It provides proper technique for the small purse. Smaller cuts remain of course at such a price not out.

Fuzzy giant

Anyone who places value on a sharp display, may be disappointed. The Y625 brings only 854 x 480 pixels. Current top devices such as the comparable great Samsung Galaxy S6 almost come up nine cost but also many times. A Vierkerner is, after all, used as a processor, he pulses with 1.2 ghz. The memory is 1 gigabyte (GB), data are even 4 GB available. You can expand memory card up to 32 GB. That may be urgently needed for many users, because the installed memory is sufficient just for the basic data.

Which phones offer the most for the money?

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Adequately equipped
the main camera with 8 mega pixels (MP) resolves what is for the price in order. The front camera offers all the same 2 MP and is thus somewhat Selfie suitable for. Both film in the small HD resolution 720 p so. The battery contains 2,000 mah. Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and a second SIM card slot are also on board, the Y625 is not LTE capable. But not surprisingly in this price class. 4.4, Android is used as the operating system the Huawei atop even the own EMUI as user interface has.

Huawei Y625: price and availability

The Huawei Y625 there since March 2015, the EIA is located at 129 euros and is measured by the equipment fair. A smaller screen enough, which should be the technically largely identical Huawei Y3 with 4-inch display viewing.