Huawei Talkband N1: Half Headset, Half Fitness Tracker

Huawei shows in the mobile radio fair MWC new series of talkband-2015 in Barcelona (2nd-5th March 2015) two. The talk band B2 is a mix of fitness-bracelet and mini headset like the previous. Pulse does not measure the Tracker, logged it the steps but, as well as a six axis accelerometer registers the sleeping behavior of the user’s movements and calculates calorie consumption. The device should be protected against dust and water according to IP55 and IP57 and use up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. Huawei promises a battery life of five days. The B2 talkband is compatible with Android (from version 4.0) and ios. The device comes in black and white at the price of €169 as well as and in gold for 199 euros in trading of derivatives is not fixed.

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Huawei talkband N1 wins best product Award

Our site has at MWC in the melee fell for you and after the highlights made on the search. The main products get the coveted best product award of the editorial office. Huawei’s is talkband N1 a discreet hybrid of fitness Tracker, Bluetooth headphones and MP3 player for so many practical functions in one unit there is an award in the category of wearable.

Huawei talkband N1: first information

The Huawei talkband N1 is a MP3 player with activity tracker, which is to be equipped with Bluetooth function and a storage capacity of 4 GB. The N1 provides simple tracking features it counts steps and monitored the sleep patterns of the user. The earphones connect magnets with each other (see figure above) according to the manufacturer, they then appear as a fashionable necklace. The N1 is standard IP54 waterproof and sweat-protected and costs 119 euro. The date is not fixed.

In addition to the two fitness gadgets, Huawei has presented a Smartwatch in the mobile radio fair: the first clever chronograph of the Chinese manufacturer is the Huawei watch.