Huawei Announces Its Custom Interface: Emotion UI

Huawei is still too hard trying to put a dent in the Android market, whatever it is. However it has gotten into one of the sticking points that less like more Puritan consumers, and is the of the custom interfaces, personalization that causes severe and countless delays.

Huawei moves tab trying to create a more differentiated product than the rest of the competition with the new interface Emotion UI. By the time images have not been shown, but an event will be done to make it known to the world the day June 9, hoping to be able to implement it in their terminals already for the month of July.

Although they define that it will be a simple, intelligent and emotional interface as the company says, I cannot but show misgivings to this plan. There are many the delays that have led to these changes, and more being the default Ice Cream Sandwich as well constructed and simplistic interface. It should be a real revolution to please the most demanding public