How to Update Time and Date Automatically on the Mobile Phone?

By default, the phones are configured to automatically update the time as it is changed. If you travel from one time zone to another, the phone must be updated after the “check-in” with the cell towers in your immediate area. If this does not occur, you can update the time on the phone manually. In most cases, the solution is as simple as adjusting the settings of your phone.

Update the Clock of the Mobile Phone

Tap the “Menu” key on your phone to see the home screen expanded, or pull the notification center down. Tap “Settings” and select the option to manage your settings “Time and date”. Enable the automatic updating of the time of your mobile phone. Save your settings and exit to the home screen.

Press and hold the “Power” button on your phone until it turn off. Wait 30 seconds and reboot your phone. The phone automatically updates the time according to your location when it is restarted.

Remove the batteries from the phone while it is still connected. Wait a minute and replace the batteries. When the batteries are replaced, the time of the phone will be updated. Try this method if your clock still does not update after trying the other methods.

Set the Date and Time Automatically Does Not Work? Try an App!

For most of the Android phones, the system clock is set using a protocol called NITZ, which depends on a connection with your carrier to ensure that the time remains in sync. The problem here is that this feature does not work when you are out of the reach of the mobile phone and, often, the operators themselves have technical difficulties that can cause the clock of your phone to keep minutes or even hours out of sync.

Thanks to a recent update on an Android app popular, this can be done in newer versions of Android, which means that you can ensure that the system clock is always synchronized.


To do this, you need an app that can be synchronized automatically, as the ClockSync.It is available for free in the Google Play Store.

When you start the ClockSync for the first time, you will probably notice that the system clock is already at least a few seconds out of sync with the time marker, that is the time as accurate as possible. In any way, however, begin by tapping the menu button three dots on the top of the screen, and then select the “Settings” option. From here, you can change the service time with the first option, if you want, but the first thing to do is to mark the box “Activate” under the category auto-sync.

From here, there are additional options to adjust the synchronization process to your liking, but most users should be satisfied to leave these set to their default values. In addition, to ensure that your clock remains synchronized when you are traveling, check the box next to the option “Detect time zone”.

Adjust the Clock of the Android with the Time Atomic

With all of the options adjusted to your liking now, go back to the main menu of the ClockSync or your app of choice. From here, tap on the menu button three dots again, but this time choose “Sync”. At this point, the application will require root access, so tap “Grant” on the pop-up request.

Once this is done, you will notice that the System time becomes perfectly synchronized with the time atomic that is being reported by the service time. As you have configured the application to automatically update the system clock, this will continue to be the case from here on out, provided that your device is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

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