How to Turn on the Reading Mode?

The polls say that the spectra, blue light is bad for your eyes, especially at night when you are more likely to are looking for your phone in a dark environment. This also assumes that the sleep gets worse, which leads to a bad health. But how to combat this in your Android phone?

Read Mode on the Mobile Phone

In desktop computers, you can use applications that change the colors of the lights. On iOS devices, you can use the feature Night Shift. Both features give your screen a red tone to remove the spectrum of blue light of your screen, making it easier on the eyes in dark environments. Can be a little annoying in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. And once you’ve adjusted, it is actually very cool and soothing look.

The problem is that many Android devices don’t have a feature of night mode built in. But do not worry, as we have a solution for all: reading mode, or night mode. But how to enable these features? It is not as difficult as it seems.

Night Mode Android Google: How to Activate?

If you are using a device from Google, you’re in luck. Google has launched a feature called Night Light/Night Light. Some new adjustments have been added, so let’s just cover the feature in its current state.

To access Night Light/Night-Light, go ahead and pull the notifications window down, then tap the icon of the gear. From there, swipe down and tap View. The second option in this menu should be “Night Light/Night Light”. Go ahead and enter this feature.

At this point, everything is pretty straightforward. You can set the Night Light to turn on automatically or simply manually switch. One of the best options is to setup the “Sunset to Sunrise/sunset to sunrise”, because it adjusts automatically along with the light outside, which is great. You can also set a custom programming if you want.

Otherwise, once the night light is on, you can adjust the intensity using the slider control in the Status section. This configuration will be from that point forward, and if you want to adjust it, simply go to the menu.

Night Mode on Other Manufacturers Android

Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers have their own settings night mode on devices. In some the name is given as “Filter Blue Light”.

To enable this feature, download your notifications window and tap on the gear. From there, tap on the View menu and look for the configuration of the filter of blue light.

Although there is a simple toggle to turn on or off directly from this menu, the actual settings are found within the option. Go ahead and tap the text to enter.

You can set this up to activate automatically on a custom schedule or sunset to sunrise. In addition, as devices Google, you can set the intensity, although, on the phones of other manufacturers, the name may be different, such as Opacity. In the end, it’s all the same thing.

App Night Mode for Other Devices

Some devices on certain versions of Android may not have the feature of night mode or read mode. In these cases, you can use an app from the Play Store to perform the function of the system. Some examples of apps for this purpose include the CF.lumen, f. lux and Twilight, but there are many options. Some apps require that your device is rooteado, and others do not. Worth trying out different apps and see which one has the best settings and features for your needs.

There are many researches there which suggest that the filtering of blue light from your device will help you sleep and to read with less eye strain. The ideal solution is probably to not use your phone (or watch TV, do other functions related to the screen) before going to sleep, but let’s be real here: no one will do this.

You already use the night mode or read? How? By that they began to use this feature?