How to Test the Performance of Your Mobile Phone? Applications!

What do you know about your smartphone in addition to a model, brand, and price? You know what are the parts of the cell? Know how to test your smartphone to know the performance of it, and if all components are working perfectly? Testing the performance of the smartphone includes the performance of the processor, graphics, input and output ports, RAM, and much more.

By that Test a Cell Phone?

You must have seen a comparison of devices in terms of performance on some site; it Is very common for this type of test if you are looking to buy a new smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device. These tests with different numbers comparison is called benchmarking, where companies compare key metrics of the operations of a smartphone with that of other similar models. This helps in the decision for the best smartphone to be purchased. In case you are buying a smartphone is used, this test ensures that all parts of the instrument are functioning well, since it is common for the sale of appliances with one or more part defective. It is worth remembering that benchmarking does not test if the unit has already suffered some damage caused by water. However, poor results on the tests or some chip or system that does not work means that there is some damage to the instrument, which can help you as information. Also, I can’t tell if it is a device that has been stolen and is being resold, but this is easy to figure out by testing a chip new in the appliance and contacting with the carrier old to know if the IMEI of the device is not locked.

How to Do the Test Cell Used or a New Smartphone?

Charge your smartphone completely. With an application to save battery and memory, delete all programs that are running in the background. Make sure that nothing can interfere with the test, putting the phone in airplane mode so that the memory can not be used to receive messages or connections. Check if the temperature of the device is not very high.

With all of it guaranteed, before the process, you will need to choose an application good for the test. See what are the best apps to test smartphones.

Benchmark of Mobile Phones: Greekbench 3

Greekbench 3 is easy to use and understand. It is an application that measures quickly and accurately the performance of the processor and memory of your smartphone. In the test, the app separates the performance of the multiple cores of a processor, simulating scenarios of use of the smartphone in the real world. It also includes stress tests, which help determine the stability of your device and also allows you to find problems in your device..

Each test performed with Greekbench 3 uses multiple cores, which helps measure the full potential of the processor of the smartphone, in addition to help you find out if the device is able to cope with different applications. It is able to measure the performance of all the cores in the system and show the true potential of your smartphone.

AnTuTu Benchmark

It is one of the most popular apps benchmark for android smartphones and tablets. The app checks all the aspects of the smartphone, including memory performance, graphics performance 3D, 2D graphics, speed of reading and writing to the SD card, CPU performance, database performance, and much more. Important information to ensure that the unit operates in the conditions that you want to put it. For example, the AnTuTu showing results for 3D graphics allows you to know if high quality games can have a good performance in the smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Linpack

Mobile Linpack is another application of benchmark popular that tests smartphones, and lets you know if the performance of your device is high performance or not. The goal of the Linpack is to measure the number of operations per second of processor and solve a system of linear equation to find out the performance of the device.

Mobile Linpack allows you to quickly test your smartphone and the ROM of the device, and you can easily find out how your smartphone works in comparison to other devices. The app also has the ability to test multi-core processors, giving the results realistic and complete.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

The app makes it easier to understand the benchmark, telling you about the exact performance of the smartphone and also allowing you to compare it with other devices to decide which one is the best to your user profile.

Vellamo includes different utilities to evaluate various aspects of the device. For example, it can evaluate the performance of the mobile web browser, the performance of multiple processor cores, among many other possible tests.


3DMark is one of the applications of test charts most popular, very used in the tests of graphics cards for computers. The application uses two graphics tests to discover the performance of the GPU card (graphics processing) of your device and tests the physical to take the CPU to the max and test your performance. The application also offers a tool for testing the battery, to help you know the useful life of the same.

And What Do You Do With the Results of the Tests?

Search. Go to Google and search for results of tests of other devices, if your app does not provide a comparison. Compare the results between similar devices and see which one is best for your goal. If you’re buying a smartphone used, see if the same tests in sites that had similar results. A worse result may signify problems in the device.

You’ve done some performance testing on smartphones? In that the test helped you? How was the test?