How Much Does a Mobile: Putting a Unit in Your Budget!

You want to know how much does it cost a mobile phone. This question is a little difficult to answer without knowing some aspects of the device: it is used or new? It is a model of input, intermediate, or top of the line? What is the storage memory of him? What is the size of the screen? Answering these questions will give you a better view of the cost of a smartphone. But above all, the first thing you need to do is to learn to fit in to the smartphone’s perfect on your budget.

How Much is a Cell Phone?

The costs of a smartphone are directly related to their components. How much better and more modern are the components, the more expensive the smartphone.

Basic settings of the smartphone

The specifications of a smartphone are very similar to the specifications of a computer: the processor controls the speed with which the phone “thinks”, the RAM (Random Access Memory) determines how much the phone can think of a time and the storage space determines how much you can save all your apps, music, games and other files. The more RAM, processor speed and internal storage, the more expensive the unit.

The screen of the smartphone

In addition, it is clear that you have the size and resolution of the screen. These affect the sharpness of the images and text on the screen, as well as the ease of the phone to hold in one hand. The options for the small hands are decreasing in number, since the trend seems to be for larger screens and larger pushing the phones closer to the territory of the tablets. A rule here is that the higher the DPI of the screen (dots per inch or dots per inch), the more expensive the smartphone. This is because when more dots per inch, the better the resolution of the instrument.


One of the most important specifications for any buyer of smartphones is the camera quality, which is usually listed in terms of megapixels (the size of the photos) and the size of the aperture or f-number (how much light the sensor lets). More megapixels and a smaller f-number usually mean better photos, but many factors combine to determine the quality of a camera of the smartphone. As you ponder your decision of camera, you should also check out the reviews of professionals, the analysis of the users and of the sample shots online, since the quality of the photo or footage is a choice very subjective.

Performance of the smartphone

However, unless you are going for a very low budget market, or to the specifications top of the line smartphone, no matter the performance, because they do much less than your laptop. Any smart-phone can run Facebook and Instagram, and you do not need to use the latest hardware, unless you want cutting edge games and intensive applications, like video editors and photos, to be performed at high speed.

Additional to smartphones

Other details to be observed are the waterproofing and protection against dust, and if the phone accepts a memory card to expand the storage onboard (some Android devices do this, but this is not available on iPhones). Another benefit to keep an eye on is the wireless charging, since many phones now offer this feature for your convenience. How much more additional, the more expensive the unit.


Finally, the battery life is another important consideration. The size of the phone battery is measured in milliamp hours, mAh, or milliamps, with a higher number meaning more load. But it is clear that many other factors, such as the size and resolution of the screen, will affect the speed with which this happens. Once again, check out the reviews that you can find online, and light the battery life quoted by the manufacturer with a good dose of distrust. The larger the battery, the more expensive the device.

After setting these criteria, several shopping sites prices can give you the values of the smartphones with these settings. there are hundreds of options to suit all tastes.

Choosing the Price of the Phone

The final consideration, and perhaps the most important for many of us, is the price. A quick way to narrow down their choices for a new phone is to simply set your budget and see what is available in your price range. And there is always a device in your price range.

The Android phones have much higher price points than the iPhones. In addition to their expensive phones and emblematic, most of the major manufacturers of Android also offers versions which are decent and intermediate for those with a tighter budget or with needs that are less demanding. That said, Apple offers some options to the side of the latest iPhone: they usually place the iPhone in the previous year with a lower price.

For the most part, the phones that not only cost less to serve so well as those that will arrive in the tens of thousands of dollars, but you may have to sacrifice some screen resolution, camera quality or loading speed of the app along the way. For phones from the your list, check out some online reviews professionals to assess if you are obtaining or not the right value for your money.

It is Time to Look for Prices of Used Cell

Do not forget the option of reconditioned or second-hand. Of course, you are purchasing a unit that may be a little worn, but these devices typically work as well as the new, and the savings can be substantial. Make sure you buy it from a reputable source and look for extras such as warranties for their refurbished equipment. There are several sites that offer the sale of mobile phones used and some types of warranty.

Seeking Older Models

Older phones are also an option, because when new devices arrive, the previous generation drops in price, despite still being devices very capable. Buy phones top of the line last year or the last 18 months, and you may be surprised to see what you can get with a budget more limited.

You should also consider the time that you plan to buy your device. Otherwise, your device new and shiny can be replaced within a few weeks.

Apple usually launches new iPhones in September, and Google launches their devices soon followed. Most of the other manufacturers update their phones in march, although this can vary.

So, when you’re eye on a particular phone, check when it is started. If you are getting to your one year anniversary, it may be better to wait for the next version.