Happiness 101

The pagan peoples, in ancient times, believed that the fate of each person was determined by the words that the gods manifested at their birth. From there comes the Latin fatum (“luck”, “destiny”) that led to dictum and from it, the word dicta.

That is the origin of the notion of happiness, which is associated with how lucky an individual is. For example: “Seeing the beautiful family that we form with my wife, I have no doubts: I am a happy man”, “The rains have been a happiness for the crops”, “You have to feel lucky: you are a happy woman having someone take care of you like that. ”

The idea of ​​happiness is also associated with happiness: “You don’t know how happy I feel since I’ve been working in this office”, “There is no greater happiness for me than arriving home and meeting my son’s smile”, “The holidays were a time of happiness: now it is time to resume my obligations”, “The recognition of my colleagues is a happiness for me”.

We must not forget either that said is a term that is used regularly within what would be the field of hunting. Specifically, in this sector it is used to refer to all that barking that a dog makes when it is chasing and stalking a specific prey.

Likewise, within more colloquial language, the word said is also used as a synonym for an expression that has been made by a person and that is shameless or even insulting.

Nor should it be overlooked that said, in the same way, becomes an important term when the bride and groom are getting married. And it is that in that case it is used to refer to the declaration made by those before the relevant ecclesiastical authority about their will to unite their lives.

Said or said, on the other hand, is an adjective that refers to what was previously expressed: “Tell that woman to shut up and not bother her anymore”, “It is not the first drought that this province has to face”, “Regarding said company, I must add that it has invested more than three million dollars in the country”.

From the Mapuche dichon (“to give lunge”), said is the common name by which various plants that are grown in Chile and whose leaves and fruits have points are known.

Within the world of music we also have to state that there are various artists who have frequently used the term in question. A clear example is the existence of a record album that responds to the title of “The happiness in movement”. It is a work by the Argentine rock band Los Twist.

That album, the first of the aforementioned formation, was published in 1983 and managed to sell more than 100,000 copies. “The first they give it to you, the second they sell it to you”, “I thought it was about blind people”, “It’s crazy” or “Playing hulla-hulla” are some of the songs that give shape to that one, which is considered as one of the best rock albums in the country.


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