Google Maps Latitude Removed and Replaced by The Preload Maps Download

Google Maps has finally begun to upgrade to version 7.0 to release the new interface as much expected, but this version has also come with quite a few changes in functionality, eliminating some features that we have been enjoying for years in this version.

In this new version Google latitude and log function are no longer part of Google Maps, and removed it from previous versions of Google Maps for Android in the coming days for close this service on 9 August. Google Latitude is replaced by the new service of Google + localization, as well as check-ins, which now also will be made through the social network from Google.

The functionality of the maps offline is not available. They have been replaced by a new system in order to access the maps offline. Is a preload cache of maps, and for a map “offline” now we have to write “OK Maps” in the search box located in the place that we want to download. The difference is that now the maps will not be always downloaded, they will be temporarily in the cache. That if still in Spain still maps are not downloadable.

Another feature that been removed is the section My maps, is not in the current version but the Google Maps team has been advised that this functionality will be available in future updates.