Google Make Radical Changes-Android-Head Is Taken off the Record

Radical changes on the way in Google? Android-head is taken off the record and the man behind the Chrome to take over.

It would seem that there may be radical changes on the way with Google. The head of the Android software, Andy Rubin, is switched off and the man who must take over is Chrome-kingpin, Sundar Pichai. It writes our site.

-“It is the beginning of a new chapter at Google,” says Google’s ceo Larry Page.

Andy Rubin is the co-founder of Android back in 2003, which was actually two years before Google bought it. The replacement may mean that the Chrome browser be integrated more into the operating system.

In February Andy Rubin expressed his concern that the South Korean mobile giant Samsung are given greater power over the Android operating system.

Samsung is expected tonight, perhaps, to make this dominance more pronounced. Their Unpacked event in New York in the evening called for their most important presentation ever.

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