Freehand Drawings 101

A drawing is a graphical representation of an image, which is created through delineations and strokes. According to their characteristics, it is possible to qualify the drawings in different ways.

Freehand drawing is the one that is done directly, without a previous sketch and without subsequent corrections or modifications. It is, therefore, the drawing created on the fly using only a pencil, a pen or another tool to make the strokes.

In some regions it is common for cartoonists to offer freehand drawings to passers-by or to those who are in a certain place. In these cases, the cartoonist is in charge of making a caricature of the person who pays him for this purpose, drawing on a piece of paper or sheet that he then gives to the buyer. He does not carry out any preliminary work, nor does he carry out any subsequent tasks once he completes his caricature.

In some regions, there are artists who make freehand drawings on public roads.

The need to master the instrument with precision

The creation of a freehand drawing requires a precise mastery of the pencil or the instrument used, as well as a good observation capacity to transmit the details to the paper. On the other hand, other types of drawings, such as geometric drawing or technical drawing, are carried out with the help of different devices or require a series of steps or stages.

It is considered, in addition to all the above, that in order to be able to make freehand drawings it is necessary not only to have the corresponding skill but also to have developed it through different exercises. In this case, among the most suitable are the following:

-Make drawings with lines, which become the basis of all sketches.

-Learn to make straight lines correctly and in the right direction.

To draw freehand you have to master the instrument used precisely.

-Develop what is known as freehand sketching, which consists of drawing what are important aspects of any design.

-Improve skills to draw arcs and circles.

-Develop what is known as the technique of oval curves. Thanks to this, which consists of drawing what are ellipses, it is possible to improve because those have a great difficulty since they combine straight and curved lines.

Freehand pencil drawing

When making a freehand drawing with a pencil, it is important to know this material very well. And it depends on the one chosen, not only will the task be made easier or more difficult, but also one result or another will be achieved. Thus, we can establish, for example, that type B or 2B are much softer than H or 2H, for example.

Other tips for learning to draw freehand are not to press the pencil too much on the paper, in order to make the work much easier and more fluid, and to respect and maintain the proportions at all times.

The main characteristic of a freehand drawing, in short, is its immediacy: the observation or the idea is captured on paper without any mediation or planning. That is why it reflects the natural talent of the artist.

Freehand Drawings

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