Fixxoo Repair Kit In The Test: Repair Iphone Screen Itself

At Apple, display repair for the iphone 5S costs around 150 to 160 euros. The provider of Fixxoo sold his repair kit for the iphone 5S for 120 euros. Thus, should the iphone in no time on front man can bring, cheers Fixxoo. All parts required to be in the Pack. The scope of supply is indeed pleasing lush. Later Assembly, however, shows that he is not really complete.

Iphone screen repair with the repair kit Fixxoo

Manual start instructions only in the Internet

Is not a detailed guide. The link to the Fixxoo Web site leads to a good step for step guide. Very important before starting: be sure with itunes store a backup of the iphone! Then switch off the iphone, and the removal can begin according to the instructions. Only for installation and connection of the home button the description is just something precisely the thorniest part of the repair. The supplied tool served its purpose perfectly. The supplied card proved to be very handy. There can be verwechselungs – and wegroll safely Park the turned out screws on selected items.

Conclusion: Fixxoo repair kit

The most important: disassembly and reassembly work with the tool provided and based on the instructions in the Internet. The work is however tricky and requires steady hands. Doubts remain as to when the Fixxoos statements on the package insert, the display would be a genuine spare part: the visual impression is significantly different, although you can live well with it. For the savings over an Apple repair fails but somewhat lean.

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