FIFA 14 Will Be a Game “Free-To-Play” for Mobile Platforms

FIFA 14 to reach Android was announced some time ago, although users of Google’s mobile platform are still reluctant after the espantada with FIFA 13 of the previous year.

However, it seems that this year we will have among the titles available for Android to the best-known football games, although it will come with new features, as the business model was moved to the “free-to-play”.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, that a game is “free-to-play” means that it is free, although later during the game micropayments may be required need improvements or exhausting credits by time or limit daily items.

I mean, Download and play FIFA 14 will be free, how it already is playing Real Racing 3, another of the best titles from EA, although during the game we will need will surely spend money on improvements or credits extra.

There is no information on how micropayments will be taken and how much they will be intrusive on the future of the game, but it has stated that the change also affect the iOS version. EA Announces also that other platforms will also be FIFA 14 in “free-to-play” mode, but without giving more details.

We still don’t know when it will come, nor will we have to change users for free have a game like FIFA 14, although it is clear that in this way will be one of the greatest successes in terms of Google Play downloads.


FIFA 14 Mobile Reaches More than 26 Million Downloads

FIFA 14 Mobile Reaches More than 26 Million Downloads