Engadget Mobile Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Day after day, that we are the team of this humble blog, we sat front to the computer to try to capture, with the best of our intentions and much effort, more rabid today surrounding an industry that moves fast, generating a huge amount of information that should be carefully analyzed.

Occasionally, and the experience he endorses it, this constant flow of data becomes become true automatons whose only intention is to record the news with our own words and at a breakneck speed. Even forgetting the most important and what can be proud every day that passes: the thousands of people who daily take an interest in the world of mobile technology and we choose as a means to keep abreast.

Although some think that somo a few sick (and according to the case not going very misguided), we believe depositaries of a right that is yours, the right to information. You are still being the most important part of our team, since without you esto wouldn’t make any sense.

Today is a very special day in which all try to put aside our daily chores to dump us into our private lives of enjoy our loved ones. On Engadget Mobile, ye. Therefore we can not to miss the opportunity to send you our best wishes.

Enjoy a Merry Christmas. This, friends, is an order.

The team of editors of Engadget Mobile.