Dropbox Presents Its Service of Synchronization of Data for Applications of Third

Today took place the first event for developers of Dropbox, DBX 2013, and there the popular cloud storage service has presented its new synchronization of data for third-party applications service to compete against Google Drive and Apple iCloud.

This new service called Datastore API It will offer developers the tools they need so they can easily store their application data in the cloud and add the sincronicacion between devices. These data, like settings, lists, contacts, or any other element will be saved in our Dropbox accounts invisibly, can not view those files or modify them.

The Datastore API will also allow you third-party applications can easily access the files that we have stored in our Dropbox account and save new files with their Drop-ins Chooser and Saver. Chooser application will select a file and with Saver will save a new file in your account. Don’t you need to have the official Dropbox installed in our device application.

Dropbox waiting for your service to be cross-platform is the most widely used by developers to offer application synchronization between different operating systems, although it has a great rival, Google Drive, which is also cross-platform. One of the first applications to integrate Dropbox will be Yahoo! Mail for Android.