Denudation 101

The Latin word denudatio came to Castilian as denudation. The concept is used with reference to the act and the result of stripping: to strip, remove, undress.

Denudation is the process that leads to the detachment of leaves or bark from trees. This denudation can be caused by multiple factors that cause the specimen to lose some of its parts.

In the field of geology, denudation occurs when the outermost layer of the Earth’s crust detaches as a result of the action of an external agent. In this case, denudation is usually linked to erosion, although it can also be associated with sediment transport and weathering.

Denudation encompasses different processes that degrade the land and cause a lowering of its surface. A chemical or physical action, for example, can disintegrate rocks and cause denudation. The same can happen if materials are carried by wind or water.

In addition to everything indicated, in particular, it is interesting to know how is the relief denudation cycle that advances through processes such as the following:

-Erosion, which is when the mobilization of materials resulting from a weathering process takes place.

-Transportation, which occurs when these eroded materials are transported from one place to another within what is the earth’s surface.

-Sedimentation, which is the process that takes place when the materials that are transported by different geological agents are deposited.

Denudation is often classified as an environmental problem, since it affects the quality of the land and favors flooding. That is why we seek to prevent it or, if its effects are already noticeable, reverse it.

The idea of ​​denudation also appears in the field of medicine and biology. When the epithelial cover disappears due to a pathological cause or due to a surgical intervention, denudation takes place.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence in the field of medicine and health of what is known as venous denudation. Under that term is a technique that is carried out in infants and that consists of stripping a vein that has a large caliber to be able to undertake the placement of a large diameter catheter.

Likewise, there is also talk of denudation within what is the process of fertilization. Specifically, this term refers to the phase in which the so-called corona radiata detaches. A crown that has different follicular cells that proceed to separate and also disperse due to hyaluronidase, which comes out of the acrosome.

This phase of denudation takes place within fertilization once the steps of corona radiata penetration, recognition and adhesion, and even the acrosome reaction have occurred.

For epistemology, finally, denudation or denudatio is carried out when the imagination is responsible for eliminating the accidents it receives through the senses to reach the essence of the object that caused the impression.


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