Corsair Penalty RGB (MX Silent) in the Test

The Corsair to convince thanks to the new switches from Cherry as a particularly quiet mechanical keyboard players penalty RGB (MX silent). We will show you what the Corsair keyboard can still score in the test.

Corsair Penalty
Corsair penalty RGB (MX silent) in the test: the American hardware manufacturer Corsair is aimed with the new keyboard punishment RGB especially to players who prefer a mechanical keyboard. The new silent switches from Cherry to keep still the noise level here, without compromising on comfort and the ‘real’ buttons feel of a mechanical keyboard. If that happens, check out the following test.

Corsair Penalty RGB: Processing & Design

The Corsair penalty RGB has a simple design. Only color accents are the white-painted side panels on an otherwise totally Matt Black keyboard.Compared with Corsairs of prior gaming keyboard, the vengeance K70, the appearance remains almost identical.
Processing Corsair offers a picture lack in the price class: while the penalty of RGB is absolutely solid and slip-resistant, but not elegant enough for a keyboard, which is less than 180 euros is the plastic housing.
The key caps consist of translucent ABS plastic that feels completely stable and clean is the back light. Also, the caps are equipped with a black surface finish, from the production, the caption is cut (“laser-cut procedure”).

Corsair Penalty RGB: Facilities

The detachable palm rest, which supplies Corsair under the penalty of RGB, offers a pleasant compromise between slip resistance and flexibility thanks to their rubberized texture. The Edition is much too narrow for large hands.
Main characteristic of the Corsair penalty RGB is the back light, which fully and individually can adapt thanks to the powerful driver software (Corsair utility engine). A color effect within the full RGB color spectrum can each of the 106 keys assign. Also different profiles for different games or applications can be so easily.

Corsair Penalty RGB MX Silent – Trailer

For FPS and MOBA- enthusiasts, the who have bought the Corsair penalty RGB, the vendor provides its own buttons caps sets, where the main standard keys of the respective genres with an extra rubber are provided.Thanks to the supplied puller tool, the Exchange is easy and fast to handle.
The keys themselves are freely programmable: as the Corsair, no extra buttons offers penalty RGB for macros, this can be within the driver software individually. Also the multimedia keys included on this double occupancy.

Corsair Penalty RGB: Operation

The MX- silent switches from Cherry, for the first time coming in Corsair, promise a quieter operation, without neglecting the keyboard feel.Actually, that manages the penalty RGB in most cases also.
The characteristic feel of a mechanical keyboard remains almost intact despite changing switches. Nevertheless succeeds in the penalty RGB thanks to the built-in damper elements, to be audibly quieter, with one exception: the space bar also has a silent switch, is significantly louder and emits a bright and klackerndes noise that tarnishes the good impression already after a short time.

Corsair penalty RGB: Conclusion

With the penalty of RGB, Corsair wanted to prove that a mechanical keyboard in the quiet form is possible. This pledge was redeemed: the comfortable silent switches from Cherry do their job with the exception of the space perfectly.
A real highlight is the freely programmable macros, and the enormously variable back light for individualists. However, users with large hands could have difficulties with the narrow palm rest – all others will receive a very good gaming keyboard in any case.