Congress 101

The etymology of congress refers us to congressus, a Latin word that can be translated as “meeting”. The first meaning of the concept mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to a meeting of individuals that is developed with the intention of debating and analyzing some matter of interest.

According to, congress is called, in a similar sense, to the meeting –periodic or occasional– of the members of an organism or an entity for the treatment of questions that were fixed previously. For example: “Tomorrow I will attend a biochemistry congress that will take place in the city of Rosario”, “Dr. Brown will give a presentation at the closing of the congress”, “The annual congress of our association will take place next Tuesday in the San Juan Theater ”.

In a congress the participation of several speakers can take place that expose and debate about the previously determined topic. In general, the organization of this type of meeting is done well in advance, since the number of participants is usually very high (it is common to exceed one hundred) and it is necessary to take into account many variables to minimize the unforeseen.

Although planning an event of this magnitude is not an easy task for a single person, thanks to technological advances, the necessary efforts have been greatly reduced. Similarly, since it is now possible to hold a conference online, it is no longer necessary to have a physical auditorium, which is a really considerable money saving.

Tips for organizing a congress

Let’s see some tips to optimize the organization of a congress and obtain the best possible results:

* choose an online registration platform that allows virtual payments (through PayPal gateways or similar services) to avoid cumbersome procedures that force participants to send scanned documents before being able to confirm their attendance ;

* The means of payment must be international to cover all possibilities, since some of the participants may be foreigners who are visiting, for example;

* provide promotions and discounts to reach a satisfactory number of attendees on time;

* Prepare a registration form that collects all the information necessary to speed up and optimize the organization of the congress. For example, it should cover the potential need for a certificate of attendance for company presentation and hotel room reservations;

* choose impactful topics and speakers who can do them justice. The quality of the congress depends on both the content and the people who present it;

* Offer participants an Internet connection via WiFi, especially if the building does not have good mobile coverage.

Other meanings

The idea of ​​congress, on the other hand, can refer to the chamber of deputies or even to the group formed by the two legislative chambers (deputies and senators) of a country. In these cases the term can be capitalized. By extension, the building where the legislators’ sessions take place is called congress.

The Congress of the Argentine Nation, to cite one case, is the bicameral assembly that is in charge of exercising the legislative power of that nation. It is made up of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, with a total of more than 300 legislators representing all Argentine regions.

The Palace of the Congress of the Argentine Nation is the building where the aforementioned Congress works. It was designed by the Italian architect Vittorio Meano and its construction began in 1897. This palace is located in the Balvanera neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires, although the area is popularly known as Congreso.

Congress 101

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