Clock Comparison: Smartwatch-News Overview

Smartwatches mobile-owners life easier. The intelligent watches show incoming calls, messages and notifications from social networks, without that you must dig your phone out of your pocket. Some models also serve as a remote control for the Smartphone MP3 player or be with heart rate monitor and pedometer to the personal trainer.

The Mobile Innovations to the Mobile World Congress

Apple Watch against Android wear and Tizen

Smartwatch is but not equal Smartwatch. As for smartphones, it’s also for the intelligent watches to the operating system. About, a Smartwatch with the Google system Android wear does not work with the iphone. Vice versa, the Apple Watch together does not work with Android or Windows phone devices. Even more confusing is Samsung: watches with your own operating system Tizen officially only work with selected Samsung Galaxy smartphones. An exception is the Samsung gear S: thanks to built-in micro-SIM card slot use the clock without a paired Smartphone to the phone.

Smartwatch news 2016

LG watch urban: two versions on the MWC

Before the Mobile World Congress LG per the press release showed in Barcelona (MWC, 2nd-5th March 2015) the LG watch urban. In principle it is a souped-up version of the LG G watch R. The technique to the 1.2 gigahertz fast quad-core processor and 512 megabytes of memory is not in a plastic, but in the chic stainless steel housing. To attract luxury customers at the sales counter, there is either the watch with silver or gold paint. There is also a heart rate monitor on board. Android wear is again used as the operating system. A second version of the LG watch urban LTE, comes with a SIM card slot and no Smartphone needed to establish an Internet connection. Another difference: The LTE variant runs Android wear instead with webos.

Huawei Watch: gold piece from China

Also Huawei at MWC a smart watch has in the luggage. The jewelry piece simply called watch comes in a stainless steel housing in black, silver or gold. The 1.4-inch AMOLED display resolves with 400 x 400 pixels. The screen of the watch of Huawei is thus one of the sharpest on the Smartwatch market. Even a heart rate monitor is located on the underside of the housing. Also Hauwei relies on Google’s Android operating system. Who has no Android Smartphone with version 4.3 (jelly bean) or later, need buying so don’t even consider pulling.

MWC News: the top smartphones 2017

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Apple Watch: the upcoming stag?

After Apple was traditionally not represented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one looks in vain the Apple Watch also in Barcelona. Details of the watch are already known in the iphone-6 presentation in September 2014: Anders accepted as in advance, the watch is neither transparent, nor display is flexible. With an interesting control concept, Apple convinced the masses but may still: you control the Apple Watch via the touch screen or using digital Crown. The wheel allows among other things the zooming in the maps app and viewing. The company has invited the press to March 9. Very likely there are more details on the clock and a final date of purchase.