Cheesy 101

Curny is a colloquial adjective, of unknown etymological origin, which is used to name something that lacks good taste, is grotesque or wants to appear elegant or complex that, in reality, it does not have. The cheesy, in this way, is associated with the vulgar. For example: “I don’t like this singer: his lyrics are very cheesy”, “I’ve never seen a painting as cheesy as the one Lara has in her living room”, “Enough of your cheesy phrases, they’ve fed me up”.

There are different ways of understanding corny. It can be something that pretends to be deep but, when analyzed or observed carefully, proves to be superficial or a copy of something pre-existing. The phrase “Your eyes are two beacons that dazzle me” could be considered corny.

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A person can be described as cheesy when he seeks to appear high social or economic level and exhibits an appearance or manners that, for others, are in bad taste : “The actress wore a velvet dress that costs several thousand dollars but that she did not stop being cheesy”, “That hat is too cheesy: you better wear this one”.

Something corny can be grotesque or lack good taste.

The cheesy and subjectivity

This term is found in a quite particular group, since depending on who receives it and the moment of their life in which they find themselves, they can take it as an insult or not give it more importance; there are even those who are proud to be considered corny.

When the adjective refers to a series of tastes, perhaps described as empty or childish for most adults, or to a certain way of speaking or dressing, it is important to emphasize that being cheesy is not a crime nor can offend anyone.

A word from the cheesy family is cheesy, and it is the noun used to represent everything that can be considered cheesy. As in the previous case, many people enjoy cheesiness and are not afraid that others know it. However, it is necessary to clarify that the Royal Spanish Academy does not include in the meanings of cheesy the case of an excessively childish or mellow person, who seeks signs of affection at all times; on the contrary, it ignores this use, common in everyday speech, and focuses on the more negative aspects of the term.

That which is superficial, vulgar or hackneyed can be qualified as cheesy.

The notion in music

The public can describe a singer-songwriter as cheesy if his lyrics say much less than they appear; this happens in many cases, especially since many people seem not to care about the lack of depth in the music. A cheesy song is characterized by containing what many might consider cheap poetry, that is, all kinds of forced lyrical devices, out of place, that did not arise spontaneously as a result of inspiration, but were strategically placed in a structure to cause a stir. particular effect.

In this case, the cheesy content has the characteristic of being very easy to understand by a very wide audience, and there, in the first place, it reveals the lack of naturalness of its lines. This does not mean that an authentic work of art cannot be understood by very diverse people, but at least it is not usually built from cold calculations or have such clear objectives from the beginning.

Cursi, name of a city and a fictional character

Cursi, on the other hand, is the name of a city in Italy that is in the province of Lecce. The latest statistical data reveals that this town in the Puglia region has just over four thousand inhabitants.

“Rudo y Cursi”, finally, is the title of a Mexican film starring Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal and Guillermo Francella. Cursi is the nickname of the character that García Bernal plays.


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