Changes in The Terms of The Tariff 6 Orange Squirrel

After the latest additions the Orange rates, rate squirrel 6 also is news because it merges their features with the squirrel 9 (which is discontinued) and resurfaces one new version of squirrel 6 It is available for people hired since December 1 while the previous version will be maintained for the rest.

The rates will continue to be of 6 cents/minute on half day and 24 cents per minute the rest of schedules while all messages are passed to 15 cents/SMS in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 6 euros. In any case, the call set-up is 15 cents and the rates are valid for any national destination.

What changes is the reduced schedule that until now had 18-8 hours + weekends. New schedule is of 22 to 8 hours + weekend all day + 4 consecutive hours a day from Monday to Friday that each customer can choose freely. Now are the same reduced hours (one less than with squirrel 9) but with greater schedule flexibility.

In addition, at this rate can add modules like “Friends to zero”, “Favorite numbers” (numbers Plus), “Bonus SMS”, “Orange Sunday”, modules family, internet, international and roaming. Other modules will be incompatible.

As the rest of Orange, the high-tariff rates will cost 15 euros except on this occasion which will be free for customers with the 2009 version of squirrel 6. To see the entire offer of rates for individuals of Orange, We have them all here.