Celular 3 chips com TV Code Sharp

To have a mobile phone with 2 chips have become common in Brazil. With a good availability of models of phones the mobile 2 chips, from different manufacturers, the models with the possibility to use up to 3 chips start to become popular among the users and customers of carriers.

Mobile phone with 3 chips Code Sharp

One of the good mobile phone models with 3 chip is the device Uses Sharp, which has a capacity of 3 chips and TV reception. In addition to these main features, the Higher Sharp it also plays MP3 files, video files, and account with video camera function camcorder.

The model has FM radio, has memory card support up to 4GB. A highlight of the Publishing Sharp is the speaker powerful, something very common in cheap smartphones. The connection to the internet is possible through WAP and GPRS. The Code Sharp also has Bluetooth for direct communication with other devices.

It’s worth to buy the Higher Sharp?

Considering the average price of less than 150 reais, you can even consider a good buy. However, as it is a device very basic, you will have to swap it quickly, because he will not give account of the tasks, even simple, how to keep WhatsApp running at the same time that the Messenger, for example. It is a cheap that can get expensive, in the same way that buying a mobile handset xing ling.

Devices with 2 chips, are a better option to take advantage of the promotions of the carriers without having to buy more than one unit or switching chip.

And you? What do you think of devices that are not traditional brands? You already had some? Tell us your experience!