Camera Monitors Baby Wansview NCM700GC

From Wansview we have available a type of easy-to-install cameras and a very affordable price. NCM700GC models are treated. They are currently available in white and Golden. He is not especially watch babies, but for its small size and ease of use we can give you this use.

Camera Monitors Baby Wansview NCM700GC 2

Advantages as camera baby monitors

Camera models are the main features:

  • Resolution HD 1280x720p
  • If you include audio
  • Very easy to configure P2P functions
  • Compatible WiFi
  • Economic price (we hope not to exceed price of 30 Euros)
  • Camera Monitors Baby Wansview NCM700GC


  • They do not have night vision
  • They are not motorized
  • It does not include slot to insert a memory and be able to record.

All this is a camera can give you all kinds of applications, from how monitors babies until a camera IP we can use in our common home.

More information about Chamber NCM700GC

The camera handling is done through the APP iSmartViewPro. You can download the manuals of the APP to see it working:

  • ISmartViewPro manual Android
  • Manual iSmartViewPro iPhone

Camera Monitors Baby Wansview NCM700GC 3

If you need more information you can view the manual in Spanish of the product at this link.

In the following video you can see the product physically and how to view it from the Android APP

If you still need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through the website Wansview where you will find information in Spanish for your configuration.