Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington County is located in the US state of New Jersey and is part of the Delaware Valley area. It is bordered by Camden County to the north, Ocean County to the east, Atlantic County to the south, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania to the west. The county covers 819 square miles and has a population of 448,734 as of 2019. The county seat is Mount Holly.

Burlington County has a diverse geography with rolling hills, wide valleys, dense forests, and sprawling farmlands. The terrain varies from flat coastal plains in the east to rolling hills in the west and northwest. The Pine Barrens region occupies much of the southern and central portions of Burlington County; this area is known for its sandy soil, pine forests, and cranberry bogs. In addition to this unique ecosystem is a variety of wildlife including bald eagles, ospreys, wild turkeys, foxes, coyotes, white-tailed deer and black bears. The Rancocas Creek runs through much of Burlington County’s western region while other major waterways include Assiscunk Creek in Mount Holly Township; Rancocas Creek in Westampton Township; Crosswicks Creek in Bordentown City; Millstone River in East Windsor Township; and Delaware River bordering Bucks County near Florence Township.

Burlington County, New Jersey

Country Seat and Other Main Cities of Burlington County, New Jersey

The county seat of Burlington County is Mount Holly, located at the center of the county. It is a small town with a population of 9,536 as of 2019. The town boasts a rich history with many historic sites and buildings such as the Mount Holly Friends Meetinghouse (1769), the Mount Holly Cemetery (1786), and the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (1830). Other major cities in Burlington County include Bordentown City, which is located in the northeastern part of the county and has a population of 3,924; Willingboro Township located in the east central part of the county with a population of 31,629; and Evesham Township located in southwest Burlington County with a population of 45,538. See cities in New Jersey.

In addition to these larger cities, Burlington County also has smaller townships like Moorestown Township located in southern part of the county with a population 19,737; Medford Township located in western part with a population 23,033; Cinnaminson Township in northern part with a population 15,569; and Florence Township bordering Bucks County Pennsylvania with 8,856 residents. All these townships have their own unique attractions such as historical sites and parks that attract visitors from all over New Jersey to experience their beauty and charm.

History of Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington County, New Jersey has a long and rich history that dates back to 1677 when it was first established as a county. The area was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans. In 1681, Burlington City became the county seat of Burlington County. During this time, the Quakers were among the first to settle in the area and established several towns such as Mount Holly, Cinnaminson, and Moorestown.

In 1710, Burlington County became part of West Jersey which was part of England’s larger Province of New Jersey. The county continued to expand throughout the 18th century with more townships being established such as Willingboro Township in 1798 and Evesham Township in 1806. During this time period, several important events took place in Burlington County including a major battle between British and American forces during the American Revolution in 1778 at Iron Works Hill in Mount Holly.

The 19th century saw rapid growth for Burlington County with new industries such as textiles, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and agriculture being established throughout the region. This brought an influx of people to the area who helped shape its character and culture into what it is today. During this time period, many notable figures such as Thomas Paine and Abraham Browning called Burlington County their home while other important events like George Washington’s march through Mount Holly took place here.

Today, Burlington County continues to be an important hub for business and industry while still maintaining its rich history and culture which can be seen throughout its townships and cities like Mount Holly where historical sites like Friends Meetinghouse (1769), St Andrews Episcopal Church (1830), or Crosswicks Creek (1830) can still be experienced today.

Economy of Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington County, New Jersey is a vibrant and diverse economy that has seen a steady growth over the past several years. The county is home to major industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, transportation and logistics, and education. Manufacturing has long been the backbone of Burlington County’s economy with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and GE Avionics all having a presence in the area.

Healthcare is also an important part of the county’s economy with two major hospitals located in Mount Holly and Willingboro Township. These health care providers offer a variety of services from primary care to specialty care for both local residents and those from surrounding areas.

Finance is another important sector in Burlington County with several large financial institutions such as Bank of America, TD Bank, and Wells Fargo maintaining offices here. This sector provides jobs to many local residents while also providing access to banking services for businesses throughout the region.

Transportation and logistics are integral parts of Burlington County’s economy with both roadways like I-295 and NJ Turnpike connecting it to other parts of the state as well as nearby airports like Philadelphia International Airport providing easy access for business travelers throughout the region.

Finally, education is also an important part of Burlington County’s economy with several colleges located here including Rowan University which offers degree programs ranging from business administration to engineering. This helps provide local students access to higher education while also giving them opportunities for employment after graduation.

Overall, Burlington County has a strong and diverse economy that provides its citizens with ample job opportunities while also allowing businesses from across the state easy access to its resources. With its close proximity to Philadelphia International Airport and other major highways throughout New Jersey it makes it an ideal location for any business looking to expand their operations or start something new in this vibrant community.

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