Boyle County, Kentucky

According to, Boyle County, Kentucky is located in the heart of the Bluegrass region and is part of the Danville, Kentucky Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is bordered by Casey, Lincoln, Mercer, Garrard, and Marion Counties. According to the 2018 US Census estimates, the population of Boyle County was 28,636.

The racial makeup of Boyle County is 91.5% White non-Hispanic, 5.3% African American or Black non-Hispanic, 1.8% Hispanic or Latino of any race and 0.9% Asian alone. There are also smaller populations of individuals who identify as two or more races (1%) as well as those who identify as some other race (2%).

The median age in Boyle County is 40 years old which is slightly lower than the national average median age of 38 years old. There are slightly more females than males in the county with 51.3 % female compared to 48 % male residents according to 2018 estimates from the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates report for 2018.

In terms of educational attainment, approximately 88% of adults over 25 have at least a high school diploma while 25 % have a bachelor’s degree or higher; this compares favorably with national averages which stand at 85 % for high school diplomas and 30 % for bachelor’s degrees respectively.

In terms of employment status, around 76 % of adults aged 16+ are employed either full time or part time while 13 % are not in the labor force; this compares favorably with national averages which stand at 63 % employed and 20 % not in labor force respectively.

Boyle County has a relatively low poverty rate compared to other counties in Kentucky with 17 percent living below the poverty level compared to 18 percent statewide. The median household income for all households combined was $48,874 which is slightly higher than the state median household income ($46,566) but still below the national median household income ($55,322).

Boyle County boasts a strong economy that has seen steady growth since 2010 with an estimated 4.5% growth rate since then largely attributed to an influx of people relocating from other states due to its low cost of living and access to amenities such as shopping entertainment and recreational activities making it an attractive place for both business and leisure travelers alike.

History of Boyle County, Kentucky

Boyle County, Kentucky is located in the Bluegrass region of the state and is a thriving county steeped in rich history. It was formed in 1842 from parts of Lincoln and Mercer counties and is named for John Boyle, who was a U.S. Congressman from the area. Boyle County has a population of 28,717 according to the 2018 U.S Census Bureau estimates and covers an area of 248 square miles.

The history of Boyle County begins with its earliest settlers who were largely Scottish-Irish immigrants that first arrived in the area around 1780 and settled along the banks of Herrington Lake which was then known as Blue Licks Springs. These early pioneers established farms, businesses, churches and other organizations throughout the county which helped to shape its unique culture and development over time.

In 1820, Boyle County was separated from Lincoln County after an act was passed by the Kentucky General Assembly creating it as a separate political entity with Danville as its county seat. This act also established other townships within Boyle such as Perryville, Junction City, Danville and Perryville which remain important local areas today.

Throughout its history, Boyle County has been home to many prominent figures such as Abraham Lincoln who practiced law in Danville before becoming President; his son Robert Todd Lincoln also lived there briefly during his father’s presidency; Confederate General John Hunt Morgan also made his headquarters in Danville during the Civil War; former U.S Senator John Sherman Cooper was born in Casey Creek; former Vice President Adlai Stevenson called Danville home for many years; Pulitzer Prize-winning author Bobbie Ann Mason grew up in Maywood; scientist Ephraim McDowell pioneered abdominal surgery at his home near Danville; Senator Mitch McConnell currently resides in Louisville but grew up near Harrodsburg; Governor Matt Bevin is from nearby Shepherdsville and has family ties to the county; actor George Clooney attended high school at Augusta High School near Augusta; and finally musician Billy Ray Cyrus is originally from Flatwoods where he attended grade school before moving away to pursue his music career.

Throughout its history, Boyle County has been shaped by events such as The Great Revival (1801), The Civil War (1861-1865), The Great Depression (1929-1933)and World War II (1939-1945). All of these events had a significant impact on the lives of those living within its borders through changes to economic structures or social customs resulting from their occurrence while some may have had more direct effects on residents through their service or losses suffered during wartime conflicts or economic hardship caused by the depression era downturns.

Boyle County remains an important part of Kentucky today with a strong economy based largely on agriculture along with manufacturing, health care services, retail trade services and tourism contributing significantly to local growth over recent decades with positive impacts felt throughout all aspects of society within this vibrant community making it an attractive place for both business owners and residents alike looking for a place to call home or invest their resources into local initiatives that will benefit all those living there now as well as generations yet to come.

Major cities and towns in Boyle County, Kentucky

Danville is the largest town in Boyle County and the county seat. It is located in the heart of the county and has a population of around 16,000 people. The town was founded in 1784 and has a long history of being an important center for education, industry, and culture. Danville is home to several colleges, including Centre College, which was established in 1819 and is one of the oldest colleges west of the Allegheny Mountains. The city also hosts a number of annual events including the Great American Brass Band Festival, The Great American Quilt Show, and more.

Other major towns in Boyle County include Junction City, Perryville, Parksville, Mitchellsburg and Forkland. Junction City is a small town with a population of around 500 people located on US 127 near Danville. Perryville is located on US 127 just south of Danville and has about 800 residents. Parksville is situated on US 127 South about ten miles from Danville with around 400 residents. Mitchellsburg lies just north of Perryville with about 300 people living there while Forkland can be found further south along US 127 with roughly 200 residents living there. All five towns are small but have their own unique charm that makes them worth visiting while you’re exploring Boyle County’s other attractions.

Population in Boyle County, Kentucky

Boyle County, Kentucky

According to Act-Test-Centers, Boyle County, Kentucky is home to a population of around 28,000 people. The majority of the population is concentrated in the county seat of Danville, which has a population of around 16,000. Other major towns and cities in Boyle County include Junction City with a population of around 500, Perryville with 800 residents, Parksville with 400 people living there, Mitchellsburg with 300 people and Forkland with 200 people.

The county has experienced steady population growth over the past decade due to its proximity to Lexington and Louisville. The median age in Boyle County is 37 years old and the median household income is $52,000. The most common industries are manufacturing and health care services. About 19% of the county’s workforce is employed by manufacturing companies while another 19% are employed by health care services businesses.

The racial makeup of Boyle County is mostly white (78%), followed by African American (16%), Hispanic or Latino (3%), Asian (2%) and other races (1%). In terms of religious affiliation, most residents are Protestant (48%) while about 24% identify as Catholic and 24% claim no religious affiliation at all.

Boyle County is a diverse community that offers plenty to do for its residents. With its convenient location near Lexington and Louisville, it’s an ideal place for those looking for a quiet place to call home while being close enough to take advantage of big city amenities.

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