Book Android Apps Marketing, Create Success and Be The Most Downloaded Applications

The moment arrives in any Android developer or company that ventures to launch an application to market should create an action plan to ensure the success of the publication in the Android Market from your work. These days has fallen into my hands this interesting book entitled Android apps marketing written by Jeffrey Hughes published in Spain by Anaya Multimedia. I think that essential reading for anyone who is involved is the creation of Android applications, both from the initial idea in the launch and subsequent monitoring of the marketing plan.

Some think that commercialize an Android application is reduced to publish a press release and some ads. A grave error if we want to maintain consistent and solid downloads/sales. For this reason this book proposes early on how to create a commercial message: identifying the components of success of an application, the added value that we want to contribute, the target audience to whom we address, and finally to create the overall message of the application in the Android Market .

There one has just the thing, Jeffrey Hughes book proposes How to distribute the right message to the public that we are interested in. That implies a plan of action on social media, traditional media and even the specialized blogger talk of your application. That sound me this last?

Also gives tips for How can compete if our application is for payment against the free. Entering the top of payment applications in the Android Market, which ensures a strong amount of income. This can use various techniques proposed as pulling references, cross-promotion, achieve a fair price or price discount promotions as we are seeing these days of 0,10 EUR app.

Finally, the book guides us in How to create a marketing plan and how to measure our progress. Analyze point-by-point the components of a marketing plan and face-to-face actions that we can do to carry it out. Remember that the success of a mobile application is not only to launch a press release and put advertising hoping to speak of us.

Around 300 pages of helpful hints for any Android developer or responsible for communication of an Android application.