Bells Christmas, Comparative, Retrospectives of End of Year and The Mathematics of Einstein Applied to Mobile Telephony. Galaxy Engadget Mobile (From 12 to December 18)

Again, one Sunday more, in Galaxy Engadget Mobile We do our usual overview of the web landscape of our industry, directing our attention to some of the best articles published throughout this week that already touches to their end.

Similar to the year, which now enters its final stretch with the Christmas festivities. More than enough reason to make a small retrospective of applications to enjoy in our moments of leisure, or analyze the possibilities at our disposal to renew our mobile device.

  • To this end, in Engadget Mobile We have taken the opportunity to bring a complete comparative prices most outstanding phones for Christmas campaign, where the greatest exponents of each platform and their prices starting with the main operators that act in our country are represented.
  • If even in that you are undecided, GoPonyGo It proposes an interesting analysis in HD video between the Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S.
  • In Engadget Android they have done the same with the platform applications, presenting us with an interesting selection of programs for our smartphones and tablets in the modalities of GPS, office suites and useful backup tools.
  • On the other hand, and by way of hindsight, our colleagues from Applesfera they have prepared a series of special articles on which stands devoted to the best games iOS in 2011.
  • After “No Animal” and “Parrot Pepe” rates, those of the virtual mobile operator of the little man of moles in the style of Patrick Hernández combine with the portal 3GSpain to give birth to the new “rate Einstein” with the peculiarity that is no charge call set-up and is priced per minute variable depending on the duration of the call, bringing associated a 501 MB data rate the price of 6.9 euros + VAT.
  • Finally, movilToday echoes from news of a Korean portal where, according to this same source, Samsung could have completed the jump from your Messenger Chat ON IOS client, with its upcoming release in the App Store before the end of the year. What would be the transformation of the application in a new instant messaging client multiplatafoma, behind Android and Bada, who would have the support of a large manufacturer of smartphones.

It’s all for today. You can send us clues for the next installment of Galaxy Engadget Mobile to our contact mail.