Apps to Put the Digit 9 in the Number of São Paulo

Once more the mobile phone numbers will change to accommodate the massive growth in the number of mobile lines in Brazil. The change this time is to put a digit 9 before the phone number if it uses DDD 11 and a mobile number.

The vive TV explaining how this can be done and saw an “expert” saying that a person with 300 numbers on the agenda would spend between 4 and 6 hours to make the changes, if typed fast! It is absurd what is said in some TV-programs made by those who even understands what you’re saying.

I have spoken before of an app to find out the carrier that puts the name of the contact the information about which carrier it uses, and is one of the app hand on the wheel!

The right way, quickly, effectively, and intelligently modify all the contacts from phone at once is to use an app that do this. The smartphones are nothing more than handheld computers , and there are already several apps that perform this task quickly without you need to enter a 9 even!

For Android, see this page of Google Play with a search for a variety of applications that will serve. Free ones work very well, just see the positive comments!

For iOs an app that puts the digit 9 to you is the 9dígitos. It costs $0.99 dollars and is very well paid to not spend hours editing the numbers in a repetitive work, boring and very easy to get wrong. For the most monotonous that is your life, the time you would spend editing the contact is worth more than two reals. Believe me.

And to change the numbers in your Blackberry you can also use the 9dítigos, which has a version for this platform.

If at least 500 thousand of users of the iPhones, the iPad and iOs in general buy the app for 2 real, the developer will be happy and a millionaire, and deservedly so! It has saved me a great time in every person’s life that can be devoted to really important things!