Application Developers Struggling Against Clones

Clones has evolved to become a huge problem for application developers. Many ideas stolen by “Clones”.

Brilliant ideas are no longer enough to succeed in an application. More application developers have experienced that their ideas will be stolen and an imitation of their programs to be developed – in order to entice users astray.

It is most often the most popular applications that are copied on a large scale.
A growing problem is that clones may contain malware. An example of this was, for example, Temple Run 2, which came in Google Play Big in a fake version at the beginning of the year.

Security firm Lookout tells that there is found a new type of malware in a clone of the popular game “Angry Birds Space”. A malware that sends text messages from your phone and to expensive toll numbers. It writes our site.

Cloning is particularly a problem in the alternative application stores, there are for Android. For example, in countries such as China, where the official Google Play Store is not available.