Apple Says That The Galaxy Nexus Violates The Utility Model to Slide to Unlock

The struggle continues in the courts. The other day we saw how Apple went to Samsung to sue for the violation of different designs in ten terminals. Now, Cupertino returns to the same scenario, Germany, to claim that the Galaxy Nexus infringe the utility model system of desboqueo by sliding the finger.

In this case we are talking about patents, but utility models. These, unlike patents, are systems that companies use to protect inventions with lower-ranking than patents. That scenario is Germany is no coincidence, Apple has already won before other lawsuits, as the redesign of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Koreans be based his defence on a device Swedish manufacturing by Neonode, which also incorporates this system. Before Samsung used this case stop to fend off accusations that Apple introduced in the Netherlands last year. It is expected that the Court disclose its decision on 16 March. The only thing that seems clear is that this will not be the last demand that we see.