Angry Birds Birdday Party now on Android!

It’s hard to believe how the time pass fast in the area of technology. The two behind the last month of December a small company called Rovie has released the initial version of Angry Birds for the iPhone. In the years and months that followed, we saw new additions to the family Angry Bird.

Were new levels regularly released to the millions of users that had the game installed on their mobile phones or even play over the internet, on social networks or browsers.

Last December, in the version of the 2-year anniversary of the initial release of Angry Birds, Rovio gave it to iOs users (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to a new version: the Birdday Party update. Now it is the turn of fans of the robozinho verde participate in the party with a new update of the Angry Birds in the Android Market.

It would not be a real update Angry Birds if you do not count with new levels, so Rovio has prepared over 15 new levels for the game. In addition to new levels, this update is a milestone that Angry Birds full 300 stages already released!

In addition to the new levels, some improvements have been made in the graphics and layout of the menus, as well as was included with the little bird orange Angry Bird Season! Is or is not a good birthday present?

And if you have not yet witnessed until today, see the trailer of Angry Birds Rio. It is not interesting for a game, an animation and work together to attract people?

If you would like, visit the Android Market to download Angry Birds for your smartphone.

And then? You play too much Angry Birds? In that moment of the day you decide to play? Play just as there is no other thing to do or takes a time every day to play? Let us know in the comments how you deal with the cell phone games!