Android N Shows with Vulkan The Console Quality Graphics Will Arrive to Your Mobile [Video]

With Android N the graphic power mobile devices it will be increased thanks to the new low-level graphic API Vulkan that will finally allow squeezing our mobile graphics.

This new graphics library will allow games to offer a higher video quality with the same hardware, Since Vulkan It is much more efficient with the GPU more modern, taking advantage of multiple processing threads to avoid bottlenecks, slowdowns, saturation of the processor and excess energy consumption.

Games with Vulkan will be more fluid and may show better graphics with new lighting effects, reflections, particles and many more that so far only watched on consoles and PC. Vulkan brings the console to our mobile graphics. The potential of Vulkan (Khronos) is located at the pair of DirectX 12 (Microsoft) and Metal (Apple).

To see the graphical improvement that the latest and most powerful on the market devices will enjoy when upgrading to 7.0 Android N nothing better than watch the video of Need for Speed No Limits which Google has shared on social networks: