Android N 2 Preview Voice Synthesis Is So Severe or Acute as You Want

Until now, if you wanted Customize voice with which your mobile speaks to you you didn’t have too many options, at least in the “normal” voice engines. Yes, you can download other languages in Google TTS, but when it comes to customize the result all you can do is change the speed.

The last preview of Android N brings a small change in this regard. Now the choice of the speed that speaks the mobile is a slider instead of a drop-down list, and added another additional slider to control the tone of voice.

Combine them as you wish

Now your mobile can have the voice exactly you want. Serious and fast? Acute and very slow? Some combinations are quite comical as you can see in the video below, so use them wisely.

This new configuration is located in the same place that was hata now. I.e., in the Settings – language and input – options of voice synthesis. Only I would be remiss to more applications actually do case this configuration instead of using the speech synthesis according to his own opinion, as it happens with Google Now, Google Books, Google Maps… Time to time.