Android 4.0 –What Changes in Your Life?

Every time a new operating system is launched on the tide of planned obsolescence leaves many of the devices slower, or out-of-date. Which are not lacking marketing campaigns and videos displaying the new capabilities of the new system, as if it were indispensable. The Android 4.0, as well as all updates to Android, really has the new functions very interesting, but not if you are a maniac for the technology, or the developer pays to wait for the maturation of the platform after launch to get your hands on a handset with it, especially if you have a device older.

Android 4.0: What’s New?

The new features of Android 4.0 are really interesting. The main changes and new features are the following:

Native control of the use of data bandwidth

New standard applications

Greater customization of the interface

New ways of sharing, including more social options

Unified platform for tablets and phones

Support for more Bluetooth devices

Lock screen with camera controls and music

Support for image effects and video, camera with face detection

support spell checking and new accessibility features

There are also various other interesting functions and features of the Android-focused developers. The ones listed above can give you an idea of the various things that can begin to be created in applications targeting Android 4.0.

In the video below is a quick demo of each one of these new functions:

Like? I bet you’re already wanting to buy a new phone even though your still serve very much for everything that you need. If you blame. You are not the only, and I understand perfectly this feeling. An interim solution may be to upgrade your Android, as I did to spend my Motorola Milestone, upgrading to Android 2.3.7 using the Cyanogen Mod 7. Will give you any joy until you have real reasons for doing the migration, and abandon your current smartphone.