10 Utilities of a Smartphone for Those Who Never Had One!

We are surrounded by smartphones. Many have fought against the upgrade for years. But now, your friend has one. Your work colleague has one. Even your son and your grandson has one. So, why don’t you have a smartphone?

The time has come to stop thinking of Smartphones as tools or toys expensive full of resources superfluous intimidating. Androids, Windows Phones and iPhones offer amazing technologies that are becoming more common and necessary in modern society. Simply put, smartphones are no longer just for the elite rich, the fanatics in technology, or the younger generation. They really have something to offer everyone.

The Praticidades a Smartphone

Imagine that you are travelling to a city you’ve never visited for a business trip or a leisurely holiday with the family. Suddenly, beats hunger! Where is a good place to eat? Without a Smartphone, you would have to go with your gut, or ask for tips to passers-by. With a Smartphone, you could: search for popular restaurants, read customer reviews, read the menu prior to the visit, make a reservation, get directions step-by-step on how to get there. All thanks to a compact device the size of a deck of cards (or smaller … or thinner!).

10 Utilities of a Smartphone for Those Who Never Had One!

If this specific scenario does not speak with you, read on for the 10 reasons impressive to finally start using a Smartphone.


Always on the road? Born without a sense of direction? Many smartphones come standard with interactive Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which can not only help you get where you are going, but it shows that there is in the vicinity. The feat intuitive a GPS ensures that while you have a mobile signal, you will never be lost again, ensuring also a good level of security.


If you are addicted to the web or just in the mood for some current events in the news, Smartphones put the power of the Internet in the palm of your hand. Regalia special bonus: you will always be the one with the answers to difficult questions or when in doubt about something.


Trips to the shopping mall, certainly can be a good time, but nothing has revolutionized the art of consumerism, such as e-Commerce. The ability to get all your shopping done while browsing on the net in your pajamas and slippers is a joy unparalleled pleasure, a unparalleled convenience. In addition, the applications available today make it possible for you to compare prices all of the time, something that you can use with ease to negotiate discounts in the shops you are visiting.


Who would not want to watch their favorite TV programs, news broadcasts and videos hilarious YouTube streamed directly to the palm of your hand when stuck on the subway, in the doctor’s office, waiting for a table in the restaurant or in line at the hospital?



Who doesn’t like to listen to your favorite songs? The increase in the storage space of the Smartphone allows music lovers to fill their phones with music essential and those that are your favorites to pass the time or simply to accompany you during a walk.

Social Networks

All smartphones offer applications to social networks that put the power of their online communities in a streamlined user experience. Log in to the account of a social network through the phone’s browser can get a bit clumsy at times, especially when loading sites with a lot of interaction. Fortunately, these applications do engage with friends and updating your status much easier


In addition to social networks, there are dozens of fun and useful apps available for download directly to your Smartphone. Since the tools of money management to browsers, restaurant and popular games: the world of applications is seemingly unlimited. There are even applications to monitor their health, usually in conjunction with bracelets or other items, keeping a constant control of your well being and will motivate you to improve even more their quality of life.


There’s nothing like a weather report timely accessible in two seconds when you’re running out the door. This is just what you can start to have with a Smartphone. Faster than the startup of your laptop computer, and a lot easier to wait for the presenter of the TV to recap the daily forecast.


To be constantly connected to the e-mail is a major priority (and comfort seriously) for many professionals. Unlike the regular phones, Smartphones allow you to integrate multiple email accounts that sync automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Important emails from clients, employers and professional contacts will never be out of reach of your finger.


Not to say that the schedules are obsolete, but there is much to be said about a digital calendar is very well organized, going wherever you want. Unlike calendars to the mobile phones of the past, the technology Smartphone allows you to sync calendars associated with email addresses, and thus, the commitments that you mark on your desktop or laptop will download without problems through your mobile phone.

Final Considerations

Ten reasons to finally get a smartphone, even for those who never had one. And, as if you needed any other reason, just ask one of your friends wielding Smartphone what he loves about the instrument.

What do you think of smartphones? Are you ready to have one? Comment below and let us know your opinions!