Vertu Presented The Signature Touch Pure Jet Red Gold, a New Smartphone Android for Wealthy Pockets

It seems that the world of luxury seeks exclusive phones for affluent people, and is that in recent weeks they stop not present is devices with essence of jewelry, noble materials and prohibitive prices that do not prevent, that Yes, dubious designs and hardware rather range in medium or low.

A few weeks ago we knew the Spanish Kustom EGO, something like a Nexus 5 with a costly jewelry case, but today it is a firm with more travel as Vertu which teaches his new Signature Touch Pure Jet Red Gold.

In terms of design little to say because it is a matter of taste and we know that this kind of exclusive terminals have a manufacture completely made by hand, with materials that include precious metals and furs, all this always customizable taste of exclusive buyer.

Yes we want more Vertu bet by a hardware which, without being top today, this time Yes ensures a smoother user experience on the customized version of Android that commonly used Vertu.

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As well, the Signature Touch Pure Jet network Gold includes a panel of 4.7 inch and FullHD resolution, encouraged by the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with four core processor at 2.3 GHz and Adreno GPU 330.

The RAM is 2 GB, while the internal storage goes up to 64 GB without possibility of extension by external cards.

For the multimedia section, high quality components such as a 13 megapixels manufactured by Hasselblad photo sensor, as well as the origin speaker Bang & Olufsen.

In terms of construction than usual in this type of device, with a titanium chassis, buttons physicists and inserts in red gold and Black ceramic, and additives on skin of Alpine res.

A set of less striking but equally exclusive, now if is allowed to mount a solvent hardware but is not sufficient to justify a price as part of 21,000 dollars.