The Week That We Took from Steve Jobs. Galaxy Engadget Mobile (From October 3 to October 9)

As it could not be otherwise, the summary of this week comes header for one of the biggest losses of the contemporary technological world, that of a man who lived the beginning of an era through the eyes of another, who knew how to decide that his battle was not against a rival but survive with the existence of the same, a man who just a terrible disease we could snatch underworld, Steven Paul Jobs.

He was a young man from Hong Kong, Jonathan Mak, which perhaps has shown in a minimalist way the ultimate expression of mourning in an image with Apple bitten by the profile of Steve Jobs, with this header are dedicated a tribute to Steve Jobs, a genius who had opportunity to recognize in life and which leaves a wonderful legacy for the world of technology to the personal, intellectual and spiritual levels.

The message of the three blocks that changed the world, the Eva, that of Isaac Newton and the Steve Jobs ran like wildfire on twitter. Perhaps pretentious phrase but powerful and that only time can judge of sovereign and relentless way. It is too early to recognize a work and a legacy as Steve Jobs in all their amplitude.

UnBreak us a little after this review and follow the novelties that have left us this week the blogosphere in the form of news that also deserve our attention.

  • The joint venture of Sony-Ericsson may have its days numbered, it seems that the arrival of the new tablets under exclusive cover of Sony as a brand and the introduction of 3G in the next PlayStation Vita laptop are signs that make this rumor to take body through the Wall Street Journal, in Moviltoday echo of the matter that rivers of ink can be filled in a short time.
  • From GoPonyGo We see how Vodafone follows in the footsteps of Telstra and the price of terminals rises us when portability is as a prepaid card. The objective is clear, get customers to capture it are contract from rivals, since they are who really bring one higher rate of benefits and that most hurt the opponent. Gradually it is closing the tap the portability that can one day lasts 24 hours promised and express.
  • After the arrival of the tablet from Amazon at a bargain price against the competition, in the Free Android analyzed us the tablet which in the India to market “to friend price” for thirty-five euros to change, it seems that your processor’s low range at 300 Mhz and the non-presence of Android 3.0 Honeycomb justify that price and away from the concept of multimedia tablet that we know in the West.
  • It is always interesting to see how the technological revolution is is in different cultures which we are witnessing quite naturally in numerous countries, in Cooking Ideas give us a map of how major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are censored at the global level. Thus we see as China lives giving back to the three, the Arab countries which have staged these months internal revolutions have made use of them and others do specific redactions.
  • For fans of 3D and possessors of a LG Optimus 3D, in HTC Mania They tell us the good news of a converter to 3D of native applications in 2D with 3D Game Converter. It is a good initiative that will be checked when you arrive as application, something that should be in coming weeks, and that will expand the minority horizon of 3D application of this terminal for LG.

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