The EU’s Competition Commissioner Has Look at Google and Apple

Microsoft has gotten a huge fine of 4.1 billion – now corrected the binoculars against Google and Apple.

Last week, Microsoft got a huge fine of 4.1 billion kroner, the one reason that Microsoft had not given 15 million European users an alternative to Internet Explorer, when they had to choose browser.

Microsoft acknowledges the error and therefore not fine from anchor EU competition Commissioner. Microsoft regrets, and indicate that this mess is due to a technical error.

The huge fine will certainly also be noticed with other major it giants, who are in danger to get the ears in the EU machine, says Charles Whiddington from the law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse to our site, according to our site.

And it can be serious for both Google and Apple, for the EU has particularly look at the close ties that bind mobile operating systems and app stores together.

Google currently has about 70 percent of the market for operating systems, smartphones, while Apple has just under 25 percent.


Google faces new EU anti-trust charges

Google faces new EU anti-trust charges