The Arrival of 4.4 Android Via OTA to HTC One Google Edition Is Imminent

HTC announced last week that had already completed the build 4.4 Android KitKat for their HTC One Google Edition, so the update must arrive in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, HTC just another necessary step so you can finally get the update to these terminals, just release the source code the kernel and the framework for HTC One Google Edition.

These files are available via HTC developer page makes it possible that it can test even before it reaches the final version via Update OTA.

As we can see in the details version, it’s the software 3.58.1700.5 and have a weight of 99.8 MB / 371,7 MB respectively.

Remember that Android 4.4 only has reached Terminal Nexus to date so the arrival to terminals Google Edition It is the first step for the general expansion of the latest version of Google’s operating system