The 3 Best Watches 2016 – a Subjective Retrospect

Balance Of The Year Of WATCH MAGAZINE Chief Editor Thomas Wanka

The year 2016 ended an almost seven-year boom in the watch industry. According to double-digit growth figures, in the face of which all watchmaking folly seemed to be a groundbreaking success model, sudden disillusionment has occurred. But the watch industry is crises, and the first answers are likely to please buyers. Classics and high-quality technology are again on offer. The following three watches, for me the best of the year 2016, are to prove this thesis:

# 3 Of The Best Watches 2016: Tudor Black Bay Bronze

With Tudor as a third brand on the victory podium, a family victory appears. And this is logical: the Rolex daughter has emancipated herself from her past in the formal language and, with a pronounced taste and a skillful retro strategy in the case of the housing design, successfully addresses a younger buyer. According to chronologicalWatches, but the inner values ​​of the new manufactory MT5601 also convince us, as a detailed test report in the WATCH MAGAZINE 1/2017 revealed.

# 2 Of The Best Watches 2016: Wempe Chronometerwerke CW 4

Ten years ago, Wempe, an international jeweler’s house with headquarters in Hamburg, became a watchmaker. And not somebody. With the production site Glashütte in the Sternwarte and the parallel establishment of the only German Chronometer test center to date, it was defined as the first rank of German watchmakers. Now the CW4 is the first automatic manufac- turing plant to be used in the Chronometerwerke collection and combines a classic appearance with high-quality equipment.

# 1 Of The Best Watches 2016: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

In the run-up, the rumored kitchen around Rolex cooked  as usual only with new presentations from Apple. A completely new cosmograph was mentioned, with a new case and a new work – on the other hand, the new presentation was rather modest. From the experts’ point of view. From the customer’s point of view, the Chronograph from Geneva is at the top of the wishlist and can only be purchased through bizarre mark-ups or long-term waiting. This once again sets marketing from Geneva to the five-pointed crown.