Nokia Lumia, Do The before and The after Windows Phone or All Seguira Equal? The Question of The Week

On 11 February this year the Alliance was made official between Nokia and Microsoft. Finally this morning met the first terminal Nokia Windows phone: 800 Lumia. At Engadget, you already have a complete first impressions and a comparison with the rest of WP7 pointers.

Nokia Lumia series is here, but is the? turning point what many were hoping for Microsoft, whose platform has never worked well in the market? Nokia believes that and he said it loud and clear: ‘is the first real Windows Phone’.

We instead get wet going to ask you in Question of the week:

Nokia Lumia, the before and the after Windows Phone or everything will remain the same?

Will things change for Microsoft? Will they be less comfortable Android and iOS? Nokia again? As always, we ask you to participate directly in the page of Engadget Mobile answers.

Last week: do you suffer with improvements in iOS developers 5 and Android 4.0?

A week ago I asked your opinion on the latest updates of iOS and Android that include features already offered by third-party applications. Will they affect developers?

This was the best response, diabo:

First of all, congratulations on the question, find it me really good.
Said, is unfair what they have done both, and also does not know which of the two has made it worse, if apple take advantage of the work of people who had no opportunity to publish their apps in the App Store because of its policy of control or google by stepping on them having tools to integrate third-party applications into the system such as happen with Twitter and happened to facebook until the relationship is tensase.
I’m an Android user, but this has seemed great typically.