Nokia Byoversigt and Camera Extra Updated to WP 7.5

Nokia’s exclusive application Byoversigt and Camera Extra has been updated for Windows Phone 7.

Nokia has updated two of their exclusive applications for Windows Phone 7 platform.

The drejers of Nokia Byoversigt and Camera Extra.

Update of Nokia Byoversigt, according to our site, should only be about bug fixes and the addition of the words “HERE” for the application, write our site.

Byoversigt is Nokia’s Augmented reality, where the user by considering the outside world through the phone’s camera, get an extra layer of information about our site. Dining spots and attractions.

Nokia, on the other hand, has been given Extra Camera added new functionality in the form of “Smart Picture Mode” and editing tool that can help remove unwanted objects in the images.

The two new updated versions can be obtained via the marketplace.