Microsoft Surface RT-an Interesting Bid (Product Tests)

TEST: Surface RT is an interesting bid on an iPad-konkurrrent. Microsoft stands behind a tablet, you can buy.

Microsoft has had a long run up to the launch of the Surface, their take on how a competitor to the iPad to be cut. After all, the iPad for many corpses with a tablet, and therefore a market that is hard to get into.

Now it is so in stores, and it is a very interesting product.

The important facts are: 10.6 inch screen in 16:9 format, i.e. one inch bigger than the iPad. But the resolution 1366 x 786 pixels down, which is less than what’s available on an iPad.

It does not mean that Surface RT is bad to look at, for it is certainly not. It only means that it is not quite the same powerful experience which is granted on an iPad with Retina display.

Inside Surface RT is a quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz with system chips from NVIDIA (Tegra 3 T30). There are 32 GB of internal memory, but you should probably count on inserting a microSD card (up to 64 GB), as a part of the square is occupied by the system. My unit is reporting about 24.9 GB available space but only 15.7 GB free for use.

The operating system is Windows RT, so a tablet version of Windows 8, which only can dismantle tablet-apps and not the ordinary programs you know from Windows on your computer. Don’t be fooled!Although systems RT and Windows 8 are similar, they are not the same.

Solid quality

Microsoft is on call to Surface RT must weigh 681 grams, which is quite a lot, especially if it is kept in the hand long time of transition.

The device feels really solid, but the design is also made of magnesium. All in all, solid build quality and really good stuff.
The front has no physical buttons, only a touch-based Windows-logo breaks the black border around the screen. At the bottom a communication connector for the keyboard. On the left side a charge socket and a USB port for URf.eks. USB connector or keyboard and mouse. It is a USB 2 port.

There are built-in kickstand in the back, so a foot that can be folded out, so Surface RT can stand even on the table – a small but ingenious feature.
Speakers (in stereo) is placed on the edge, so the sound can freely come out, so also when the Tablet is on the table. The sound quality from the small speakers sound like, Yes, sound from small speakers.

The keyboard the great argument

Those who own an iPad and perhaps use it as a primary computer in the home, Miss maybe in between a real keyboard. Exactly this target group are attempting to speak to Microsoft with Surface RT.

As additional accessories can be purchased two types of keyboards with a “snap” can be clicked on below the screen. Touchcover is only 3 mm. thick and made in all seven layers. As an extra bonus, as the name suggests, the keyboard works also as a protective cover for the screen – brilliant feature.

The downside is the weight. Although Touchcover only weighs about 202 grams, by itself, increases the total weight to 884 grams.

On Touchcover affected keys just lightly with your fingers. There should not therefore be printed but touches – and this takes practice. Great exercise! I think honestly that Touchcover is totally misunderstood, so I would obviously prefer to write directly on the screen.

The price for Touchcover is around 969 dollars.

The right keyboard

Microsoft has developed an alternative called Type cover. It weighs 215 grams, but, on the other hand, has real keys that can press – a clear advantage. Type of cover also serves as protection for the screen.

Type of cover is significantly better a Touchcover to write on, and I believe it to be purchased, if a keyboard, in addition to the on screen, is important.

The price is around 1049 dollars.

With both covers quite a lot about Microsoft Surface reminds RT a small portable computer.

Very power in the engine

On the left side sits the micro-HDMI out for connecting external monitor – and hey presto, you’ve actually what may remind you of a small computer.

There is plenty of power inside the hardware on this tablet, and it has no problems with dragging the external monitor and the mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft has added Office 2013 with Word, Excel, Onenote, and PowerPoint with Surface RT. In other words, so that you can so easily sit and write documents, surf the Web and many of the other activities a laptop normally used to.

If you use Office applications on the Surface, without the external monitor, you will find that some of the application menus and the General control is crabbed, because Office actually is not adapted for use on a relatively small touch screen. With external monitor connected, experience, however, as on an ordinary computer.

There continues to be challenges around online banking, when the big banks have not yet the app’s back up and running on Windows RT platform. Also is also not possible to use NemID.

Integration to some degree

Surface RT (and other Windows RT tablets) is set up with a Microsoft account, after which the same desktop background from Windows 8 on your computer is transferred to the tablet.

Windows apps (the ones on the tiles in Windows 8) will not be installed automatically, but you can go into the Windows Store and see which app’s installed on other Windows devices, and the way through easily get them down on Surface RT. It happens through point “my apps”.

If you save all your files from your computer to the Microsoft cloudtjeneste Skydrive, these can be opened and edited on Surface RT, which are born with Skydrive service. It works incredibly well.

The great app issue

Surface RT does not have the application selection as you know from the iPad, but the quality of the applications is better than that available on Android tablets.

But while Microsoft is working on getting the application number up, so there is still a long way between the important. Facebook, Twitter and Danske Bank does not exist, just to name a few.

I really hope that Microsoft will have success with the application layer, for we are talking about very good apps, so those that exist.

Lousy charging

Surface RT is really power economically, and you don’t run from outlet to outlet.

Unfortunately charging through a fempolet magnetic connector, and not through the USB. And when the charger is ugly and with looong power cord, it’s just a bad user experience.

If you have come home without the charger, there is therefore no help to pick up some places when it comes to getting extra power on the tablet.

Conclusion: excellent bid on iPad-competitor

Microsoft Surface RT is an excellent product, but there are things that makes that you can’t rule out an iPad, when choosing tablet. Microsoft is heading in the right direction, and when the application number is coming up and the weight of the device down, then we have a product that is truly competitive.

Microsoft’s tablet is clearly preferable over an Android tablet. I am also sure Windows Phone users, if you are familiar with Windows 8, may well view point in buying Surface RT.

But it is a mess that Microsoft has retained the desktop (desktop) on Surface RT, since it confuses. It makes no sense to show a desk that looks like it from the computer, when it is far from being the same.You cannot run standard Windows applications on the Surface, but only the specific Windows 8-tile (tiles) apps.

Microsoft provides a good attempt with Surface RT to 3,999 kroner (without keyboard) and it is a fair price.

Microsoft Surface RT deserves 5 out of 6 stars.


-Nice interface and cool apps. Office with the package
-Option for external monitor, mouse, keyboard
-Good design-quality


-Missing apps compared to iPad
-Not possible to use the Easy ID and Internet banking (appudvalg limited)
-Requires special charger