Leaks Are Running a 2,600 MAh Battery for The Galaxy S6. Will It Be Enough?

Mobile World Congress is already just around the corner, and more are the tracks that come on one of the mobile that there will be presented, the Samsung Galaxy S6. And is that in addition to specifications of vertigo, a more than likely big camera and Wireless charging, another one of the great unknowns of this device is the capacity of your battery.

In the last days are starting to get rumors referring to the battery that will equip the new offspring of Samsung, and a new filtration on Weibo social networking seems to confirm, through the photos of the batteries that are being manufactured by the South Koreans, they they would only have a capacity of 2600 mAh.

On the picture we can see that the battery model is EB-BG925ABE, It is very similar to the EB-BG900BBC of some batteries of the S5 Galaxy, which would seem to point directly to his successor. But also the possibility that these belong you to a Galaxy S6 Edge that could lead the codename SM – 925 X.

But rumors are rumors, so it can never give anything for granted until the mobile officially. Even so, if this is really the battery that will equip the S6, remains to be seen to what extent the 14 nm of your SoC they are able to reduce consumption enough as to compensate for their limited capacity, and the 5.1 inch QHD Super AMOLED screen that looks like they are going to equip does not end with her in a twinkling of an eye.